PTSA Committees and Volunteer Activities

Kennesaw Mountain High School PTSA needs YOU to get involved!

Volunteer today to join a committee. Read the brief outlines of the committees below. All chairs or co-chairs will be on the KMHS PTSA Board of Directors and will attend a monthly meeting.

To volunteer and help make a difference at our school contact the PTSA president at

Arts in Education/Reflections – Chair and Committee

Kennesaw Mountain participates in the National PTA’s Reflections Program, which recognizes achievements in the arts, in an effort to raise community awareness of the arts and arts education. The winners of Kennesaw Mountain’s contest go on to the county level, state level and can compete, up to the national level. The Chair and Committee will set-up, advertise, judge and advise winners of the next round.  The Committee will provide a school reception with refreshments after the judging.

The Tom Mathis District reception will alternate between schools in our district.  The Reflections Committee will coordinate and provide refreshments when the reception is hosted at Kennesaw Mountain.

Communication Team – Chair (PR Secretary)


Working with school Counselors, KMHS Staff, our Mane Link student government, the community and PTSA the E-news Chair compiles and edits a weekly electronic update of The Mountain happenings entitled KMHS PTSA e-News.


The Website Coordinator maintains and updates the Kennesaw Mountain PTSA webpage: writing posts and content, and downloading statistics, as needed.  The Chair also creates and maintains links to PTSA sponsors, upcoming events, PTSA Officer and Chair contact information.

Bulletin Board – Committee  

Work with the Executive Board and Committee Chairs to decorate and put up relevant and timely information on the PTSA bulletin board.

 PR Secretary

This is an Executive Board position.  The PR Secretary works with Admin, Communication Chair(s) to put out relevant information in the community.  This position will use e-mail, neighborhood newspapers and Social Media sites to advertise and inform public of Kennesaw Mountain events.

 Community Outreach – Chair and Committee

The Chair and committee will develop a school wide outreach plan that responds to the needs of our community.  Will work with our school’s Social Worker to identify those needs. Activities may include (but not limited to): working with Must Ministries & KMHS Food pantry, Thanksgiving and Christmas collections for at-need families, clothing drives and back-to-school supplies collection.

If you have a passion for helping others, this is the committee for you.

Education Enrichment – Chair & Committee

The Education Committee works to promote and sustain a culture of academic excellence for all Kennesaw Mountain students and teachers.

Teacher Grants – The Chair and committee will review grant applications and award mini grants for innovative projects that enhance education and reach the most students.  Teacher Grants will be awarded at the January PTSA General Membership meeting.

“From The Heart” Student PTSA Scholarships – The Chair and committee will review all essays and award scholarships accordingly. Student Scholarships will be awarded at the last PTSA General Membership meeting in April.

Quest College Fair – The college fair rotates between schools in the Tom Mathis Council. Volunteer help is needed to man tables, advertise and provide snacks when the Fair is held at KMHS.  We will be notified if help is needed when the fair is held at another school in our Council.

Fundraising – Chair and Committee

The PTSA is not a fundraising organization.  But, while it is the volunteers of our organization that provide the greatest support, many of the programs and committees sponsored by the PTSA are made possible by the dues raised through membership and fundraising.

The Coordinator will set-up and monitor the grocery & retail store cards and other programs and community business relationships that have incentive events.  Other activity fundraisers may include KMHS night at a yogurt shop or local restaurant that provides a way to earn rewards while bringing the school together.

Hospitality – Chair and Committee

The Chair and committee will coordinate with the PTSA Board to provide refreshments and meals for events throughout the year.  You may be on the committee to help the Chair coordinate the event or on a list to make dishes (some events will be catered), help set-up, serve and/or clean up.  Events for this committee include teacher luncheons, Homecoming and some school events.  Events may be held during the school day, in the evenings or weekends.

Hospitality List

Be on a list to send in baked items or casseroles, etc. for events. Help set-up, serve and/or clean up, when needed.

Legislation – Chair

The main purpose of the Legislative Chair is to educate and share knowledge.  The Chair will keep informed about Georgia or National legislative issues and then report on passed or pending legislation to our PTSA members by articles in the e-news or other appropriate forums. The Chair will also attend legislative and advocacy workshops offered by Georgia and National PTA.  The Chair will work with the Parent and Family Engagement Chair to advocate for our children.

Male Involvement – Chair and Committee

The purpose of the Male Involvement Committee is to encourage, strengthen and support the efforts of male involvement in the education of children. It is our ultimate goal to provide opportunities to men to not only become more engaged in the education of children, but to also offer men an opportunity to become more involved with other men who are facing, or have faced, similar situations and stereotypes commonly held within the greater community.

Membership – Chair and Committee

Here at Kennesaw Mountain, our membership efforts help our entire school community become more connected and make us a powerful voice for our students and community at the county, state and federal levels.

Duties include: solicit PTSA memberships from faculty, staff, parents, students and businesses in our community throughout the year.  Secure incentives to include in membership packets.  Distribute and collect membership forms and dues.  Set up a membership table at school events. Compile membership list in a spreadsheet.  Working with the Treasurer report membership numbers to State & National PTA.  Keep track of State & National PTA membership awards and work with Treasurer to send in award forms with our dues in a timely manner.  Events may be held during the school day, evenings or weekends.

Nominating – 5 Members/1 Alternate

The Nominating Committee helps choose a roster of candidates for PTSA officers for the next school year.  Members of the Committee are selected and confirmed at the January PTSA General Membership meeting, with the Chair elected after the committee is formed.  Officer elections are held at the last PTSA General Membership meeting in April.

Parent and Family Engagement – Chair and Committee

The Parent Involvement/Family Engagement Committee addresses the very foundation of PTA by promoting the education, health, and safety for all children. The inherent goal of the committee is to help strengthen, support, and sustain the involvement of parents in the lives of their children.  For example, during Red Ribbon Week we work to start the discussion of drug & alcohol abuse between students and their parents.  Events may be held during the school day, evenings or on weekends.

Senior Activities – Chair and Committee

This committee will coordinate monthly dates and provide a special treat for seniors.  Also will work with Counselors and Administration to find out important info to pass on to seniors – i.e. – deadlines for senior related items for the yearbook and graduation information and deadlines.  Also will work with the Education Enrichment Chair to get the latest scholarship information to pass on.  Events may be held during the school day, evenings or weekends.

Volunteer Coordinator

Maintains a list of parent volunteers for PTSA or school activities on an as-needed basis.  The Chair will help the Executive Board to place parent volunteers on committees.